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Ray - Senior Mechanical Engineer - Winnipeg, MB

We installed a 4" no-frost vent at our office in the fall of 2017. After 4 weeks of cold weather (-20 to -35C), during January I inspected the vent and saw no frost build-up at all. In fact, the exposed portion of the vent was warm to the touch. 

Robert - Saskatoon, SK

Just received two standard No Frost Venting units. They shipped flawlessly and installed onto my 3” ABS sewer vent pipes like a glove. No tools required, literally seconds and I was done. 

Robb - Winnipeg, MB

I installed the kit with ease into my roof stack. With our recent cold snap not an issue, worked like a charm. It works so well, I forget to check it out to make sure it is doing its job. 

Patrick - Gillam, MB

We have installed around 20 of these kits on various types of housing here in Gillam, MB. Since we installed them, we have not had the stack on any building freeze over. Some of the places would freeze up weekly all winter long as the temp here for months on end is -30 to -50C. On top of that, we have strong winds and blowing snow almost daily. We will continue to install these on our commercial and residential buildings as needed as they have proven to work. The kits have saved us money as well as safety by not having to access the steep roofs in the wind, snow, and ice that builds up. GREAT PRODUCT!!! 

Bruce - Winnipeg, MB

My home has a vent that faces north on a second story that is next to impossible to reach in the winter. Every year when the temperature dropped to about -20 the stack would freeze up and it was a constant battle filling the traps of sink and bath every time you flushed the toilet. I have installed the No Frost Vent this past fall, and with the temperatures this winter in Manitoba , I have had not a problem. Great invention, strongly recommended. 

Robb - Saskatoon, SK

After 2 weeks of sub -30C temps and howling winds on the Saskatchewan Plain, my two No Frost Venting units are working great. No more sewer smells and dry traps. Worth every penny for keeping me off of my frosty roof! 

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frost free sewer vent reviews

Dianna - Taberg, NY

After several years of endless septic smells in the winter from ice capping, we installed the No Frost Vent. Slips on in seconds. It has worked amazingly well. Thank you, Jim, for answering so many questions. He was wonderful. We highly recommend the No Frost Vent. 

Theresa - Hollis Center, Maine

Thank you for this truly ingenious invention. My son installed the vent kit for me at the end of winter last year and it left my mind as the weather warmed up. But when the Arctic blast moved in this winter and there was no septic smell whatsoever (!!!) I remembered why, and it is definitely because of this device. One of the best home improvement purchases I’ve ever made. 

Angela - Moose Jaw, SK

After spending the last few winters on the roof of our 2-story house multiple times a week, often in the middle of the night, we were desperate for a solution. Found this product online, and although a bit skeptical, we really had nothing to lose but the cost. South Saskatchewan has been stuck in the longest, coldest deep freeze in 80 years and I’m so happy to say our sewer stack is completely clear. Best investment we’ve ever made! 

Lonni - Wyoming, MN

My testimonial on the No Frost Venting 24" Sewer Stack Kit: I have have had intermittent problems with my sewer vent stack freezing shut in the past. The last time was the winter of 2013/2014, which was a particularly cold and snowy winter here in the Minneapolis/St Paul area. This winter of 2018/2019 is turning out to be worse (unless you like -30 F). My vent stack froze shut one night in the middle of January this year, so I started searching around to see what was available out there to help with this problem. I had tried some other products in the past but did not have good results. When I ran across the No Frost Venting product, it just made sense to me after reading about how it works. When I received the product I was impressed by how well made it was, very heavy duty, and you really can't see this from the pictures. I installed the device on Jan 26th just a few days before 2 of the coldest weeks we have had since 1996 in the twin cities, which included 2 back to back nights of -32 F with -80 F wind chills. My sewer vent is on the back side of the house facing the north wind and it did not freeze up on me during that very cold spell. I would have had multiple issues during those 2 weeks without the No Frost Venting device. I am very happy with it, gives me peace of mind during those periods of extreme cold weather.

Ronan - Winnipeg, MB

Winter weather this year has been horrendous - lots of snow and frigid temperatures. Not a good combination for plumbing vent stacks. I've owned my home for more than a decade and I have never had a problem with my vent stack. However, this February, my vent stack was frozen shut due to build up of snow/ice. I've started to smell the sewers inside the home and I needed to get this problem fix asap. My house is a 2-story home so I was not willing to venture up the ladder and get onto the roof to chisel away the ice. Luckily, Jim (owner), works as a contractor where I work. He has recommended me to try his device. I was skeptical but since I know where Jim works (haha), I have nothing to lose. So I bought the device but struggled to find a person to install it. Jim being a stand-up guy found a person for me and had it installed. Since then, my vent stack has had no further problems even though severe weather continued. I would not hesitate to recommend the No Frost Venting Sewer Kit, especially to those people that have a history of their vent stack freezing shut. Truly an ingenious product!!! 

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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Notes From No Frost Venting

From Our President and CEO


Hello everyone!  My name is Jim and I am the inventor of this product.

I want to thank all our customers for their past and continued support of No Frost Venting.

I would especially like to thank everyone who has  responded with a testimonial !  I know is hard to think about a sewer vent stack, especially when it is working. But, we are always looking for comments from our clients.

It makes us feel great and helps others gain confidence in our products and in our promise to you, that it will work or we will refund the purchase price. 

We are continually working on our products,  with the many different styles of plumbing vents especially going back into the 1950's and earlier, it becomes very difficult to determine how the vents are actually constructed. They could be  3" or 2" or even 1.5".  Is it made of Cast Iron, Copper or Plastic?  Plumbing vents started to standardize in the later 1960 which usually came to a 3" for  residential and 4" for commercial buildings.

Here are some issues that have come to our attention and have been resolved.

1) Vent Stack Height  - The height of the Vent kit is too high above the roof deck. If the Vent Kit is more than 12" above the shingles, a strong cold wind will cool the internal part of the plastic pipe enough to stop the heat transfer. Reducing to the stack height to approx eight to twelve inches or insulating the pipe will assist in the heat transfer within the No Frost Vent Kit 

2) Heat loss from incorrect installation - During Installation ensure that the No Frost Vent kits two heat transfer pipes  coming for the top of the Vent kit  do not rest against the inside of the Vent stack.  Once installed, If the two 1/2" pipes  contact the side of the ABS vent pipe, there would not be enough heat transfer required for the No Frost Vent Kit to perform. The ½ pipe(s) have to go straight down the vent pipe.

3)  Wind and /or holding tanks -  If the vent is on the North or North west side of a roof where there would be direct contact with a cold north or northwest wind, and the lid on the holding tank is a very loose fit, the wind can actually blow down the vent on the roof and blow out the holding tank lid, this reverse air flow will it takes all the heat away from the Vent kit and the Vent kit will fail. If you have a holding tank and the vent is on the north side where the cold strong winds can hit it, I would suggest adding a Wind Guard., the wind guard will deflect the wind and helps draw the sewer gas up the vent. 

Another step to insure the vent functions properly is to lay a piece of plastic sheeting over the  septic/holding tank opening and place the lid on top of it, if done properly this will seal the lid  opening and keep the  sewer gasses rising up the vent.

4) Cold Weather Installation - When installing a No Frost Vent kit  into a  vent stack that is frozen and cold, the top of the vent has to have all the ice removed and the vent has to be warmed up to make the sewer vapor rise up the pipe.  A couple gallons of warm water poured slowly down the vent should get the sewer gases rising up, once the sewer gas starts rising your good to go and it keeps venting! 

Anyone who has tried to light a fire in a fireplace with a cold chimney found out it will down draft and the smoke will enter into the house, the same thing happens with the plumbing vent, it has to be warm to start working, once it starts and the vent stays clear, it will remain clear.

That being said,  if it fails in the second or third year after purchase for whatever reason, we will replace it!

Any questions send us an email!!


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