How It Works

Using our patented dual flow system, No Frost Venting's Plumbing Vent Stack Kits collect heat further down the stack and release it right at the top. The closed loop system is filled with refrigerant  that changes from liquid to gas as it is warmed lower in the stack. During the physical change from liquid to gas, the refrigerant efficiently moves the heat from down in the sewer stack to the top of the vent kit. 

The colder it gets, the better it works!

Model #PV 3-24-1 Installation


Installation of the No Frost Venting sewer stack model #PV 3-24-1

PV 3-24-1 Melting Snow at minus 20 Celsius

No Frost Venting PV 3-24-1 plumbing stack vent kit melting snow in -20˚C

Commercial Vent Kit

Check out this great video of the No Frost Venting Commercial Unit on a strip mall in -14˚C .